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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hornibrook, William Harrison

From Aryana Encyclopedia

Hornibrook, William Harrison (1884-1946) — also known as William H. Hornibrook — of Condon, Gilliam County, Ore.; Twin Falls, Twin Falls County, Idaho; Vancouver, Clark County, Wash.; Utah. Born in Cherokee, Cherokee County, Iowa, July 6, 1884. Son of Dr. Edward Hornibrook and Rosina Hornibrook; married, November 23, 1906, to Yolande Wilson. Democrat. Lawyer; newspaper publisher; member of Idaho state senate, 1910-12; member of Oregon Democratic State Central Committee, 1913-15; U.S. Minister to Siam, 1915-16; Persia, 1933-36; Afghanistan, 1935-36; Costa Rica, 1937-41; member of Democratic National Committee from Oregon, 1918-19. Episcopalian. Died in 1946. Burial location unknown.[*]